Celebrating International Podcast Day – September 30, 2022

Celebrating International Podcast Day

By Sarah Sheehy – September 30, 2022

Today is International Podcast Day, and with so many of our speakers either hosting their own podcasts or participating as invited guests, we thought what better way to celebrate than to share an inspirational collection of podcasts. International Podcast Day is a great opportunity to discover a new podcast, be entertained by thought leaders, and take a journey to learn something new. With so many podcasts to chose from, there’s something for everyone – Health, Happiness, Sports, Travel, Business, Technology, Diversity,  Arts, Engagement, Culture, and Creativity. Put on your headphones or go for a drive, we hope you’ll enjoy these podcasts and find yourself inspired and enlightened.

The Membership IQ

Hosted by Sarah Sladek 
The Membership IQ is a podcast dedicated to helping association leaders and membership professionals adapt to the ever-changing needs of their diverse membership community while learning why and what to start doing now in order to reach younger members. Sarah’s goal is to help you succeed by raising your Membership IQ! New podcasts are added weekly.

Finding Mastery

With Guest Paul Assaiante 
The podcast Finding Mastery interviews Paul Assaiante, coach of the Men’s Squash team at Trinity College, who is known for his unique achievement as the “winningest coach in college sports history,” winner of 15 NCAA Championships titles, and 22-year dedication as squash coach. They explore the question, “How do you achieve mastery?”

The Photo Banter

With Guest Pete Souza
The Photo Banter interviews photographer Pete Souza. Pete was most recently the Chief official White House photographer for President Barack Obama and Director of the White House photo office. They talk about his new book The West Wing and Beyond and Pete’s time inside the White House.

Dr. Mandeep Rai

Brave New Girl

With Guest Dr. Mandeep Rai
Brave New Girl interviews Mandeep about about the time her family ran a corner shop in Gloucestershire, on the edge of the most dangerous estate in Europe, and how what they endured helped them assimilate to the value of England. Mandeep chose to study the values of the world so she could share how they can help us live our lives true to what matter most deeply to us.

Life Lessons from the Oldest and Wisest

Hosted by David Romanelli
Life Lessons from Oldest to Wisest discovers that if you ask an elder to share their story, and if you spend some time and listen to their answer, they will teach you something that you can not learn from even the most successful self-help gurus or the most high-impact business coaches. David shares what he has learned from oldest people among us – their advice on parenting, marriage, divorce, health, happiness.

Spy Cast: International Spy Museum

Guest Michele Rigby Assad
Spy Cast interviewer, Spy Historian Vince Houghton, sat down with former CIA operations officer Michele Rigby Assad to discuss her career in intelligence, and her new book Breaking Cover: My Secret Life in the CIA and What It Taught Me about What’s Worth Fighting For.


With Guest Lee Rubin
Podium talks to Lee about the 5 requirements to building ANY effective team, the one thing leaders can do to keep top performers from disengaging and leaving, and his one hiring tip to ensure ANYONE you hire is a good fit for your team.

Futurum Tech Podcast

Hosted by Daniel Newman
Futurum Tech Podcast offers weekly deep dives on the latest in tech news, new products and services, mergers, earnings, regulations, and more, from startups to industry leaders, emerging tech and what’s ahead for industries across the globe, along with interviews with tech industry leaders and experts.

Retail and Consumer Behavior Podcasts

Guest Michael Solomon
Consumer behavior expert Michael Solomon hosts a large collection of his guest podcast appearances on his website. From customer engagement to brand to futurecasting, you’ll find a wide variety of topics where Michael helps listeners understand the minds of today’s consumers in our volatile economy.

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