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A global business executive with over 35 years of experience in leading three of the world’s largest consumer project companies, a world class musician and corporate entertainer who has performed for thousands of industry and incentive trips around the world, a multi-talented singer-songwriter (and fiddle virtuoso) who has appeared on many of the world’s top music stages.

This talented trio is the core of Elevate Inspiration, combining motivational principles and music in a transformative experience that will both entertain and inspire your organizational team.

Passionate Inspiration Leadership

Learn the four most powerful ways to inspire others by experiencing a creative world-class performance that will grab your heart and mind. An inspired organization is a tremendous competitive advantage and is critical to move from good to the best. Passion is internal, but inspiration is external. Learn how to be more effective in sharing your passion to inspire and have a life changing impact on others. Daniel Myers has built organizations around the world with world class engagement scores, delivering best in class results, while Philip and Natalie show you how passion and inspiration is the key to creating and performing wonderfully moving music that engages the audience. You will learn how you can take this combined learning to inspire others to greatness.

Your Personal Leadership Brand

All of us are essentially a “brand”, whether we realize it or not. Your personal brand is what people believe and say about you when you are not in the room. Product brands are clearly defined and deliberately built. Your personal leadership brand should also be clearly defined and deliberately built. Learn how you can take the key principles from leading global consumer product companies who have built great product brands and apply this to building your personal brand. Daniel Myers has been a senior C Suite leader for three of the top 100 Global Consumer product companies and has built his personal brand. Philip and Natalie have performed with world class entertainers, and you will learn how great musicians deliberately build their brand. You will leave with new skills to define and build your brand over a lifetime.

Building a High Performing Organization in Harmony

This training will take you “out of your box” into a creative and fun team-building musical world that will elevate your team to a new level of performance. You will learn the history and elements/principles that must be in place to build a high performing organization based on research and learning from across the top companies in the world. You will then use your combined talents to tell the story of the future which you collectively want to make a reality. Great music requires harmony and great musicians who know each other so well they can anticipate the next beautiful verse and score before it has ever been played together. Imagine how successful your team could be if they played in perfect harmony. Learn how you can move your organization to work together as a great band, creating and performing inspiring music in harmony while also allowing the space and timing for the perfect solo. Be ready to let your hair down, and play some music together, and have some fun while experiencing this memorable team building session.

The 5E Key Roles of Globally Effective Leadership

The ability to effectively lead others is not there from birth, but rather is learned over a lifetime. The scarcest resource in the world is the leadership needed to win in the fast-paced competitive world in which we compete. This is a creative and interactive learning session in which we explore the key roles of the effective leader of the future.  Learn the 5E key roles of leadership (Envision, Engage, Energize, Enable, Execute). What is each role? How do you utilize each role more effectively? What signals a need for more effort in one of the roles? Your teams will learn from each other as well as from Daniel, who has led this inspiring learning event for major companies around the globe. We will look at how these roles have played a major part of some of the most powerful and inspiring music in history. You will leave much better prepared to implement the 5E Roles on leadership to win together in the future.

Winning in a Fast-Paced Digital World

Learn the major mega trends that we must address as business leaders to win in the future. Understand the research and key learnings completed by the Kearney Consulting company (One of the top Global Consulting companies which supports 75% of the Global Fortune 500) and the University of Tennessee Global Supply Chain Institute, along with Daniel’s global experience in working with the top global consumer companies.  See how COVID and key recent events over the last two years has accelerated the impact of the mega trends on the world’s consumers. This session will take you around the world as we examine the dramatic change the mega trends are already having on business and society.

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Phillip Myers Music on a number of occasions.  They received high marks from our clients and employees.  We did a Networking in Harmony session where we had the opportunity to craft lyrics to a song and put notes to our mission and vision.  It was a lot of fun and really brought our team together. Phillip Myers and the musicians who work with him are very professional and top quality talent.  It was a treat to listen to their concerts and work with them on a custom program.”

–Julie F. Kadnar, Division President, Great American Insurance Company, Property and Inland Marine

I’ve had the privilege of working with Philip & Daniel Myers on multiple occasions to provide a unique and inspirational experience to my businesses and executive teams.  They bring a holistic experience that is truly without compare given their incredible combination of amazing music performed by talented musicians, powerful story-telling and inspirational leadership moments. Philip has an amazing voice, a top talent band and an endless repertoire across all genres from Broadway to classic rock. Daniel is a world class business leader having worked in over 50 countries as a senior leader for three Fortune 100 global companies. I have successfully employed their talents at National Sales meetings with over 500 attendees – they got them on their feet, inspired and motivated.  They have also performed their combination of leadership training and musical inspiration around the world including events with my teams in Europe and Asia.  I highly recommend working with Philip and Daniel Myers when you want to add something special to your leadership event.”

–Tim Cofer, CEO, Central Garden & Pet

“Daniel and Philip Myers will add energy, excitement and inspiration to any corporate event or team development!  Their combination of sharing real business success through inspiring stories and music will capture your heart but also provide real leadership learning. Daniel is a great respected global business leader who has worked all over the world and Philip is an amazing musician. I highly recommend them!”

–Valerie Oswalt, EVP & President, Campbell Snacks