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Jonathan Mann

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Picture this: It’s the final 15 minutes of a day full of stimulating talks and workshops. Your attendee’s brains are buzzing with all the information they’re processing. On to the stage steps a man with a guitar. He introduces himself and his 10-year Song A Day project, and then presents his song for that day: A song that recaps, in hilarious and impressive detail, every last bit of information that was presented in the previous sessions. By the end of the song all your attendees are singing along. They continue singing as they leave the conference. The catchy melody and fun lyrics help the key messages stick in their brains – they’ll never forget it.

That’s what Jonathan Mann does every day.

In late 2008, at the height of the financial crash, Jonathan had just graduated and was unemployed, living in Berkeley, California. On January 1st of 2009, he made the decision to write and share a song every day on YouTube for 31 days.

He never stopped.

Now 10 years into the project, Song A Day has become the backbone of Jonathan’s creative life, as well as a focal point for his talks and performances all over the world. He brings to the stage lessons learned about creativity and perseverance as well as stories about making friends with internet trolls and what it feels like to make Steve Jobs dance.

Jonathan has appeared on CNN, The Rachel Maddow Show, Anderson Cooper Live, Good Morning America, on stage at an Apple event and in a Snapchat filter for Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president.

He’s performed for companies and conferences like Dr Pepper, TEDMED, Novartis, Social Chorus, ASAE, L2/Gartner and Regeneron.

His videos have been viewed more than 22 million times.

“A theme song for our customer conference? Who thought that was possible and getting our customer to actually sing along! Jonathan Mann is a brilliant listener, songwriter, and performer.”
— Alison Murdock, CMO, SocialChorus

“Johnathan is a wonderful listener and observer. He does not simply hold up a mirror and plays back; in his song he brings your ideas to life in a way that inspires everyone to really go for it. Brilliant!”
Michael Willi, Group Head of Communications, Novartis