Steve Jones

Steve Jones

Steve Jones is a music biz insider who will change the way you think about business, marketing, creativity, and customer service. As the author of two highly-acclaimed business books, Steve draws upon his 30 years in the music industry to demonstrate how the essential lessons of business can be learned from the bands, songs, and albums we love. He will show you how to build a brand as consistent as AC/DC, as immediately recognizable as Kiss, and as resilient as Fleetwood Mac. His concert-like presentations are filled with music, humor, and engaging backstage stories from the music business. Steve is the author of Brand Like a Rock Star and Start You Up. He has spent over three decades in music and media, witnessing the rise (and sometimes fall) of countless rock legends. In addition to being a popular speaker at conferences worldwide, Steve also works with media brands and companies in the US, Canada, and the Caribbean to turn their customers into raving fans.

Brand Like a Rock Star

Based on the best-selling marketing book, this keynote energizes, entertains, and educates. Through stories, songs, and videos, Steve shows how to elevate your business through strong core values, passionate consistency, experiential marketing, competitive awareness, and consumer focus.

Sell Like a Rock Star

Every decision is a sales decision. We are all selling. Just like in the music business, there are regular everyday average sales people, and there are rock stars. What makes a rock star? How does someone grow from average to extraordinary? In this keynote, Steve shows how sales rock stars are created.

The Financial Services Rock Star

Based on Brand Like a Rock Star, this keynote is custom made for banking, insurance, and financial services sectors, showing how these traditionally conservative industries can tap into the passion, excitement, and enthusiasm of rock ‘n’ roll. This keynote is filled with stories, music, and video to entertain and engage while simultaneously educating and inspiring.

Rock Star Customer Service

Rock stars don’t have customers. They have crazed, raving fans. While customers are transactional and come and go, fans are loyal for life. They have a deep emotional investment in you. This music-filled presentation explores what musicians do differently to create an experience for their customers, and how they keep their fans engaged and coming back for more.

Creating Corporate Culture that Rocks

Lennon & McCartney became the most successful songwriting duo in music history, composing 180 songs together and selling over 600 million records as The Beatles. This magical collaboration happened because two very different people with two very different sounds built on each other’s influence. Lennon made McCartney darker and more pensive. McCartney made Lennon more melodic and upbeat. Each of them brought something different to their relationship, and the result was a collection of songs unlike any other.

Does your company embrace both Lennon’s and McCartney’s? Great culture comes when a company builds on the unique influences of diverse people, allowing each of us to make the other better.

“Steve Jones knows a thing or two. Listen and take notes!”
–Gene Simmons founding member Kiss

“Steve Jones gives you the insight of a rock ‘n’ roll veteran!”
–Alice Cooper

“What can I say about Steve Jones? … well to give you an indication of his connection with the audience, after he closed his presentation to vibrant applause, he was approached by new ‘groupies’ lined up twenty to thirty deep, waiting for book autographs! Some people even took selfies with him! Steve was engaging, entertaining and knowledgeable. His content was universally relevant to customer-facing work and he further customized the presentation just for our group. His upbeat energy, sense of humor and humble demeanor endeared him to everyone, and the substance of his message really hit the mark – if we do something special to differentiate our service and delightfully surprise our clients, they will become loyal fans… it was the perfect keynote! People were talking about his session all day long.”
–Moses Bar-Yoseph, TD Bank

“Thank you again for being a part of our program last week in Charleston. It was a huge success. We’ve received a lot of compliments about you.
You did a terrific job of tailoring your remarks around banking. One of your first slides — “Fannie Mae vs. Maggie Mae” – really got things started off on the right track! You were very entertaining and had a strong message about branding and the customer experience.”
–Brad Bradford, Regions Bank

“Steve did an amazing job. I felt like it set the tone for the rest of the conference, which made me look forward to future sessions.”
–Denver, June 2018

“Fantastic presentation and energetic speaker.”
–Las Vegas, August 2018

“Very memorable and engaging.”
–Toronto, March 2018