Life Lessons from the Oldest and Wisest – and How It Will Impact Your Business TODAY

3 Minute Read By David Romanelli The baby boomer population is 74 million strong and 10,000 boomers are turning 65 each day. The surge in the aging population is often called The Silver Tsunami. What is your business' perception of this aging population? Are they on your business’ radar? How do you incorporate them into your business’ strategy? Over the past five years, I have ... Read More

How to Survive the Terrible Twenties: Baby Steps, Power Moves, and Positivity

By Michelle Rigby Assad You’ve done it. You’ve survived college: you mastered new exam formats, obtained all necessary credits and walked the plank in graduation gown and mortarboard. Now what? What lies on the other side of that graduation can be shocking. Some lucky souls slide into their planned careers without complication. I was not one of those. There was ... Read More

Missing Person Report

By Dave Romanelli I spent the last month doing something entirely irresponsible. I stopped doing most of my work, emails, social media, blogging. I wish I could tell you it was a social experiment to unplug. But truthfully, it was the only choice I had. While “trying” to write my new book, I realized I could no longer think deeply and ... Read More