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Jeff Haden

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 Jeff Haden is a highly diverse keynote speaker, writer and cycling enthusiast. He is a contributing editor for Inc. Magazine and is the most-read columnist with an average of 1.7 million readers a month. Jeff is a Linkedin influencer with over 950,000+ followers and appears on a list that includes Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and Justin Trudeau. He is the author of the bestselling book, The Motivation Myth: How High Achievers Really Set Themselves Up to Win. 

Prior to becoming a writer, Jeff worked in manufacturing. He started as an entry-level factory worker at R. R. Donnelley, world’s largest commercial printers. He worked his way up through the ranks, held a variety of leadership positions (including operations, customer service, scheduling, HR) and eventually became a plant manager. He has an extensive business background; in short, he doesn’t just write about management/leadership/entrepreneurship, he’s also done it. 

Jeff accomplished some unusual personal goals. He rode a 102-mile, four-mountain, 11,000 feet of climbing Gran Fondo (cycling event) with only 4 months of training. He had a heart attack the spring of the next year and rode it again that fall. He also did 100,000 pushups and 50,000 sit-ups in a year. He likes to do famous people’s workouts and then write about them!  

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Un-Stuck: Yes, You Really Can Have It All

Practical, real-world strategies to build a better business, better career, better you… and achieve even the biggest goals. (All while having a lot more fun.)

Key Takeaways:

  • How to set goals that work on multiple levels
  • Why you should set a huge goal…and then forget that huge goal
  • How to create simple feedback loops that produce a never-ending flow of motivation

Examples drawn from conversations with people like Richard Branson, Mark Cuban, Venus Williams, Kirk Hammett, Roger Penske….


The Generosity Gene: How Good Leaders Become Great

Great leaders are made — not born. Learn how to adopt the same perspectives and actions that truly drive team success. (And result in greater fulfillment — both for your team and for you.)

  • Why all great leaders answer a simple question the same way
  • Eight things all great leaders give their employees
  • PLUS! Surprising ways to instantly become a more effective leader and set an example others eagerly follow

We Should All Be Serial Achievers

Every successful — and happy — person is more than one “thing.” Learn the personal power of stacking accomplishments – and experiences. And learn how to help employees develop those same skills — because a leader’s primary job is to make every person around them better.

Great leaders help their employees become serial achievers. Because when they do… everything else follows

Key Takeaways:

  • Why you should see your life as a series of four to seven year “chunks”
  • How to accomplish multiple goals at the same time
  • How to let go of decades-long plans and learn to connect the dots in reverse
  • PLUS! How to transform employee development by creating a team not of specialists, but of serial achievers

Examples drawn from conversations with people like Dany Garcia (Dwayne Johnson’s (“The Rock”) business partner), Jimmie Johnson, Dick Costolo (ex-CEO of Twitter), Dharmesh Shah (co-founder of HubSpot)…

Successful People — and Companies — Don’t Reinvent Perfectly Good Wheels

What makes some people — and teams — successful? They do the right things, over and over again. And so can you.

  • How to identify the tools and strategies you can apply to your own profession and your own life
  • How to develop your own network of “props” to get the advice and guidance you need most
  • Why determining not just what you do best, but what provides the greatest return — professional, financial, fulfillment, etc. — builds the foundation for high performance
  • How to develop habits that truly last

“He was the best. Everyone loved the guy within minutes of talking with him, and the value he delivers is above and beyond even our high expectations.”
Rab Beverly, President

“Jeff is a great speaker: Authentic, down to earth, with a clear message that resonated well with my team of Directors and VPs. The entire experience exceeded my expectations. The Directors are talking about having you back to speak to their management teams at their upcoming off sites.”
–Pierre Bou-Mansour, COO, LifeLabs

“In addition to being a fabulous writer, Jeff is a captivating speaker, presenting information every person in the audience could relate to. Book him!”
–Al Getler, New England Newspaper and Press Association